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I have been working out regularly for many years. Despite that I found out that I was not getting the results .So I consulted Shruti with specific agenda of fat loss. Shruti made me understand that we must eat a balanced diet to stay fit & healthy.She did my genetic test to see where I was going wrong in my diet.To my surprise I found out that carbohydrates were not the culprit behind my weight gain. Shruti gave me a diet based on my genetic reports.The diet she gave me was easy to follow .It didn’t require you to get exotic food items. Also it doesn’t make you starve. Infact I am eating more now than I ate earlier. I can see a glow in my skin and am still losing weight. Shruti understands the practicality of our lives & adjusts the diet according to our taste buds.She gives the diet which our entire family can follow…I would highly recommend her.

Sushma Shetty

I have been to a few nutritionists but none of them spent so much time with me to explain the diet plan the way Shruti did. She made me understand what type of food I need to eat, at what time of the day and why. Her plan was very detailed, gave a lot many food options, inclusive of exercise recommendations as per my body type and routine, even what to eat before and after the workouts. I found all her suggestions and changes very effective.


One day I was not feeling well and had lot of pain in my legs. When I went to the doctor, I was diagnosed with high blood sugar and high cholesterol. The doctor gave me some medication as first aid and told me to consult a nutrition expert. I contacted Shruti and started following all her food and exercise recommendations. Now I am off blood sugar medication and have normal cholesterol levels.

Nitin Kadam

Shruti’s approach has been wholistic and modern, where she has emphasized nutrition as much as she has weight-loss. She’s been inspirational right through my journey albeit a tough task-master. Thank you Shruti

Kajal Nair