Salt – A sprinkling of good taste

//Salt – A sprinkling of good taste

Salt – A sprinkling of good taste

We love to eat a lot of salt, 75% of the salt we eat is already present in the bread, biscuits, cereals and other processed food that we eat. And then we add more to our masalas!

The minute we talk about salt, we think of its effect on our blood pressure. While it does affect our blood pressure,how much is too much?
The good news is, not everyone who includes a lot of salt in the diet develops high blood pressure.

Salt is known to improve digestion, insulin sensitivity, support thyroid function and lower stress hormones. So, there’s no point in eating your way through bland food, it’s just about adding the right amount to suit your body’s needs.

Bonus Tip: Use fresh rather than packaged meat to lower salt content

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