Don’t like meat? Blame it on your genes!

//Don’t like meat? Blame it on your genes!

Don’t like meat? Blame it on your genes!

We hope our expert pointers are helping you on your nutritional journey and motivating you to stay healthy! Let’s continue today by looking at the relation between your genetic code and preference for a vegetarian diet!

Find yourself staying away from meat and preferring the greens? – Well, you just may have the vegetarian gene!

This gene is known to help people convert omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids into essential compounds for healthy brain function. It also helps control inflammation in the body.

But are you missing out on some nutrients found in animal protein? How to make sure your body gets its required nutrition on a vegetarian diet? We answer all these questions and provide you with a customised diet plan suited to your body type.

Bonus tip: The presence of FADS enzymes or vegetarian genes can impact the way vegetable fats are absorbed in your body, making some more susceptible to certain health ailments like heart disease.

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