Alcohol: love it, hate it.

//Alcohol: love it, hate it.

Alcohol: love it, hate it.

You can’t deny — it’s everywhere. Alcohol grabs more than its fair share of headlines for both its purported health benefits and risks.

Here’s what we know for sure about alcohol:

  • Excessive amounts of alcohol on a regular basis are linked with a host of health issues, including cancers and liver disease.
  • Alcohol can stifle your weight loss, because it is high in calories at 7 calories per gram.
  • It also tends to lower your inhibitions, making that late-night kebab or pizza much more appealing.

DNAFit Tip – Track your weekly alcohol intake to make sure you’re within the current guidelines. Another good idea is to try to track the calories in your alcoholic drinks to see if they are sabotaging your weight loss!

Are you drinking too much? Too little?

Your genetics influence to a great degree the way alcohol affects your body. Find out if you’re doing the right thing for your body with a gene test.

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