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I am Shruti Agrawal, a nutrition and health counsellor, who is passionate about helping others unlock the secrets of better health for themselves.

My curiosity, scientific background and passion to add value to life led me down this fascinating path. I discovered that many of us are not as healthy as we could be and the lifestyle diseases were affecting more number of younger people. This is because our food choices stem from ignorance and are not made with our individual needs in mind, but by following the crowd.

Thus, I trained myself in food and nutrition with the mission of helping people to improve their health and PREVENTING lifestyle diseases via ‘personalized nutrition’. I believe that there are no generic diets – every diet plan should be as unique as you are!

I help by analyzing your personal genetic nutrition profile, and empowering you to make proactive decisions regarding diet, exercise and lifestyle, based on your DNA (reports on diet and gene interactions based on the new research of Nutrigenetics).

Everything starts with getting a detailed Nutrigenetic report. I collect and submit your saliva sample to my partner X Code Life based out of Chennai. They process your test and generate a report. I go over your report with you and explain what the report is telling you about your body and what risk factors you have.

After your report, I offer one-on-one consultation sessions where I guide through the changes you need to make to lose weight, get fit, delay ageing and avoid onset of health conditions, to live a long and happy life.

Take responsibility and embrace change today. Obviously you are doing something wrong which is keeping you inactive and in pain. Accept it and Adopt preventative nutrition NOW, to avoid having to deal with a lifetime of suffering. If you wait too long it will be much harder to reverse the course of the disease.

My USP I believe is that

  • I am a one person team. Not like other nutritionists who have other junior assistants.
  • I can give one to one personal and online consultation,
  • Regular follow up till the client reaches his/ her goal.
  • Adapt the diet plans in between as per requirements.
  • Suggest alternate therapies – open to dietary supplements, naturopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, acupressure , acupuncture therapies.
  • Consultation is very affordable at reasonable prices.
  • Would prefer to consult with the gene testing package,
  • Compared to other nutritionists and dietitians,I have extra knowledge of sports nutrition. So I give slots of exercises incorporated in diet plans. Type of exercises to be done , duration, what is to be eaten before and after exercise is very crucial and is included.
  • Dedicated attention as limited number of clients are handled per month.