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If you want to live a healthy life, you need to understand your body. Weight loss and belly fat, is only one part of the equation of keeping fit.

You can delay ageing, stay energetic, fit and avoid health issues by understanding which foods and diet suits you the most. With so many diets and conflicting information on the internet, Gene mapping is a helpful tool to know your body and personalize your diet and supplements to regulate antioxidants, vitamins , minerals and other nutrients.

Nutrition plays a very important role in the expression of our genes. Good lifestyle and judicious choice of food has been proven by research to MODIFY  the way our genes are expressed.  That means, if your genetic tests reveal that you are predisposed to Diabetes or Heart conditions, then by adopting a gene appropriate diet the respective genes can be switched off.

Each of the cells in our body receives instructions from tiny strands of DNA. Everybody’s DNA is a unique genetic combination inherited from our ancestors. Our DNA is what makes us who we are.

Our DNA or genes can also make us more susceptible to certain health problems. It can even change the way our bodies react to certain foods.

Why wait to be diagnosed with a health condition like diabetes, osteoporosis or heart disorder? You can know your predisposition to these and many more and avoid suffering by taking foods unique to your body genes.

The basic principle of good health is proper and optimal nutrition. It is critical that we all eat the right type of food in the right balance and align our lifestyle to our genetics or DNA to reduce the risk of obesity and diseases.

Optimize the expression of the genes by adopting Personalised Preventive Nutrition ! This is the future, the scientific basis for a healthier you .

You need to know more about your personal genetic code besides blood reports.  Blood reports just indicate the level of excess or deficiencies in your body and can vary quite frequently, but Your DNA holds the secrets to the kind of diet and lifestyle changes you need to make, to AVOID and delay aging and a host of preventable diseases and health issues.

To get optimal results, base your food choices and exercise regime on your genetic reports. These gene tests and reports are one time investments and need not be repeated again.

Do not follow the generic diets, your diet plan should be as UNIQUE as you are!

With the latest scientific research, the suggested gene testing / gene mapping, can be done from saliva sample too. No need for skin pricks and blood sample – It is safe and convenient for all ages.

How I Can Help You

As a trained nutrition counsellor and educator, I can give you advice about your diet and fitness regime, customized specifically to you. Instead of having you read through thousands of pages of confusing and contradictory information on the internet, I work directly with you , hand hold you and EMPOWER you with knowledge,to help you know what healthy choices you need to make. This will last you lifelong.

I with my expertise bridge the gap between technology, emerging research and personal nutrition and health.